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Episode 60 – He's A Flim-Flam Man

In honor of the upcoming Chicago True Crime Podcast Festival, we’ve decided to take you on a short tour of Chicago corruption. From torture rings to straight up political shenanigans, there is a reason why the Windy City is one of the most corrupt cities in the United States. Listen in for your Chicago Primer!

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USA Today – “Former U.S. congressmen Mel Reynolds is headed back to prison – and then Africa”
History, Art, and Archives: United States House of Representatives – Mel Reynolds
The New York Times – “Illinois Indicts a Congressman In Sex Case Involving 2 Girls”
NPR – “The Equal Opportunity Culture of Corruption”
Wikipedia – Ed Vrdolyak
Daily Herald – “‘Fast Eddie’ admits to tax evasion”
The New York Times – “Ex-Leader of Democrats in Chicago Switches Parties”
Illinois Periodicals Online – “Is there political gold in Vrdolyak?”
Chicago Tribune – “Ex-Ald. ‘Fast Eddie’ Vrdolyak pleads guilty to federal charges for second time in little over a decade”
Chicago Tribune – Jon Burge
The Marshall Project – “Payback”
South Side Weekly – “A Symbol of Healing”
Chicago Torture Justice Center
Chicago Tribune – “Jon Burge and Chicago’s legacy of police torture”
Chicago Tribune – “A tortured path to Death Row”

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