-  The Bad Taste Crimecast   -  Episode 59 – It Wasn't a Dingo?!

Episode 59 – It Wasn't a Dingo?!

Some people are original. Some people aren’t. This is episode is about those who aren’t.

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Murderpedia – Matthew Milat
Wikipedia – “Backpacker Murders”
The Sydney Morning Herald – “The sickening sound of an axe on its victim, a plaintive plea… and silence”
Biography – “Ivan Milat”
ABC – “Milat relative gets 30 years for axe murder”
The Atlantic – “The Media Needs to Stop Inspiring Copycat Murders. Here’s How.”
History Collection – “5 – Mark Andrew Twitchell – Copycat of Dexter”
CBS News – “Mark Twitchell: A closer look at the evidence”
The Atlantic – “Zeynep Tufekci”

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