-  The Bad Taste Crimecast   -  Episode 57 – Oops! No Cancer.

Episode 57 – Oops! No Cancer.

While Munchausen by Proxy has been a factor in many child abuse cases, it seems that only recently the awareness of these cases has increased. On this episode, Janelle and Vicky examine two of these cases from beginning to end, and all of the wild twists in between.

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Biography – “Beverley Allitt”
The Lineup – “Angel of Death: Inside the Mind of Serial Child Killer Beverley Allitt”
Lincolnshire Live – “‘She is living the life of Riley’ – Beverley Allitt victim says child killer nurse should be transferred from psychiatric hospital to a normal prison”
Wikipedia – Beverley Allitt
Daily Mail – “‘I know you don’t believe me, but I don’t care’: Chilling voice of ‘devious’ ‘Angel of Death’ serial killer is heard in police interview tapes as she lied to officers after murdering 4 children”
Trevor McDonald and the Killer Nurse Clip
Mommys Little Secret: The Hope Ybarra Story
Fort Worth Star Telegram – “Munchausen Mom: I Didn’t Want Her to Die”
Rolling Stone – “Beyond Gypsy Blancharde: When Mothers Harm Their Kids for Attention”

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