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Episode 55 – It's Art

We here at BTC have long been baffled by criminals documenting their crimes. Keeping journals or diaries, drivers licenses, clothing; it will all eventually point back to the true criminal. On this episode, the ladies take a look at two such cases where the facts are in the documentation.

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Murderpedia – Alyssa Dailen Bustamante
All That’s Interesting – “Alyssa Bustamante: The 15-Year-Old Who Slaughtered Her Nine-Year-Old Neighbor For The Thrill”
CBS News – “Mo. judge denies teen killer’s appeal for new trial”
True Crime daily – “Diary of a ‘thrill-kill’: Missouri teen Alyssa Bustamante nurders neighbor girl, records event in journal”
Patch – “Jury Sentences Convicted Serial Killer Joseph Naso to Death”
The Guardian – “Has the alphabet murderer finally been caught?”
Wikipedia – Jospeh Naso
SF Gate – “Joseph Naso accused in Dylan fan’s disappearance”

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