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Episode 52 – When In Doubt, Sleuth it Out

Anywhere you go in the world, people have stories of urban legends and spooky tales. Most sounds absurd or outlandish, but there are those few that contain grains of truth. You may not want to believe it, but sometimes the most wild tales are the most honest. Join Janelle and Vicky this week for two tales that are so hard to believe, you just have to believe it.

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Snopes – “The Body Under the Bed”
The New York Times – “METRO NEWS BRIEFS: NEW JERSEY; Corpse Under Motel Bed Identified as New Yorker”
AP News – “Teen-Ager Charged in Motel Murder”
South Florida Sun Sentinel – “Man Arrested 5 Months After Slaying”
South Florida Sun Sentinel – “Woman’s Body Identified”
The Seattle Times – “Corpse found under Memphis, Tenn., motel bed where couple slept”
Reader’s Digest – “10 Strange Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True”
Chicago Reader – “They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror”
True Horror: Blood, Babes, & Boogeymen – “Cabrini Green: The True Horror of Candyman”

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