-  The Bad Taste Crimecast   -  Episode 47 – Don't Inject Things Into Your Problems

Episode 47 – Don't Inject Things Into Your Problems

So you’ve survived Christmas and, looking forward to New Years you think, “Oh no! I haven’t had time for my sweet, sweet revenge!” Well BTC listeners, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! This week, the girls look at two cases where revenge is the motive, but was it justified? Find out on this episode!

You can listen to Large Marge Sent Us HERE

CBC – “4 Swiss air traffic controllers found guilty in 2002 crash”
Wikipedia entry – “2002 Uberlingen mid-air collision”
CNN – “Children’s holiday party on doomed plane”
The New York Times – “Pane Crash Remembered; One Mourner Not Welcome”
Daily Mail – “Russian man who killed air traffic controller he blamed for killing his family in plane crash slams new Schwarzenegger movie based on him, saying it makes him look pitiful and doesn’t show his victim’s ‘arrogance'”
The Age – “Did father’s grief lead to murder?”
Kommersant – “It seemed that my children were turned over in coffins”
Los Angles Times – “Russian’s revenge begets rewards”

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