-  The Bad Taste Crimecast   -  Episode 40 – Ya Nasty

Episode 40 – Ya Nasty

Hey there Listener! Most weeks we cover some of the most wild crimes in the world. But we are switching it up this time, and discussing one of the most controversial underground industries, Murderabilia. From John Wayne Gacy’s prison uniform to Charles Mansons ashes, we look at it all. Join Janelle and Vicky this week and find out, is there a good way for the government to keep track of this stuff.

You can listen to Happily Ever Aftermath HERE!

CNN – “Why Collectors Are Drawn to Murderabilia”
ABC News – “The Business of ‘Murderabilia’ Websites Selling Murder Memorabilia”
Top 10 Disturbing Items of Murderibilia
New York Times – “The Murderibilia Market”
Photos from the Unibomber Auction
Houston Press – “Inside Andy Kahan’s Duffle Bag of Murderabilia”
“Murderibilia: Consuming Pain” by David Schmid
Animal New York – “Living Murderabilia or Pop Art?: MIchael Alig’s Seamless Transition Into the Gallery World”

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