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Episode 41 – The Regulator-Moderator War, Part 2 – Texas Yell

It’s the early 1840s in East Texas and a gang of gun-toting outlaws have taken over Shelby County. Led by a violent, bloodthirsty colonel, the band does as they please and punishes all who oppose them. The penalty for opposing Regulator rule is death and their only enemy, the Moderators, have been driven underground. But, as so often happens, corruption and power soon reach their limits. In a story populated by characters, both wicked and wretched, who could only be found on the bloodstained pages of backwoods lore, all is nearly lost for settlers in the deep frontier, trying to find their place and purpose among the pines. Tune in for the conclusion to a two-part series on this dark, eerie chapter of my local history: the Regulator-Moderator War.

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