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Episode 40 – The Regulator-Moderator War, Part 1 – Neutral Ground

Land feuds are among the oldest conflict known to mankind. The right to say “I am in charge here” is not earned easily. It is often bought with blood and tears.
In the 1800s, there was a piece of land in Texas called the Neutral Ground. After Texas became a state, the name faded away, but its legacy remained. A place where bandits and bad men hid out and preyed on settlers, this dark place among the pines was fierce and untamed. Some men rose up and tried to settle it but they were carried away by the lust for power. Others rose up to staunch the flow of violence and the result was only more bloodshed. Tune into this episode of the Nowhere Dispatch to learn about the largest land feud in the nation’s history, one that surpassed even the Hatfields and the McCoys. This is the story of the Regulator-Moderator War, also known as the Shelby County War of the 1840s, a strange tale that left a bitter legacy.

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