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Obscura: A True Crime Podcast is a podcast about shining a spotlight on the darker things in life. It’s a podcast that takes a narrative approach to covering true stories. We cover murders, mysteries, missing persons, and more. We cover terrible acts in unflinching detail. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode 38: William Melchert-Dinkel

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
January 16, 2019
William Melchert-Dinkel wasn't a member of the Lonely Hearts Club, desperately hoping he could find the right partner if only he could convince someone that he would be worth loving. Nor was he a career criminal hoping to get something for nothing. William set out in hopes of finding someone in pain, someone looking for…

Episode 37: Blake Leibel

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
January 9, 2019
Blood draining and avulsion are just two elements that make up the story of what's been called the most horrific murder in Hollywood history. Listen and learn why Blake Leibel has earned the nickname "West Hollywood Vampire".

Episode 36: The Murder of Ennis Cosby

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
January 2, 2019
This story isn't about Bill Cosby, or at least, it's not about the Bill Cosby we know now. This story is about his son, Ennis, and the Bill Cosby our hearts bled for when we learned that he had experienced something that most parents fear more than anything – the loss of a child.  …

Obscura: Black Label 02 Preview

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
December 20, 2018
Black Label 02 is now released for Patreon subscribers only. Extreme content warning. Grab the $3 price point while you still can. Only 9 slots left. Patreon:   Intro music by The Body. Check them out on Facebook:

Episode 35: Zack and Addie

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
December 17, 2018
For today’s show we cover a lot of ground. I figure I can only tell the story of Zach and Addie once…so…I better do the story justice. To finish out the year on the main feed, I’ve chosen to go out with a bang. Get comfortable. Because you’re about to hear about one of what…

Episode 34: The Murder of Brandon Teena

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
December 12, 2018
The murder of Brandon Teena thrust the trans community into the forefront of public discussion. Before the early 1990s, transgender people were a silent minority within society. When the case we'll be discussing had originally received national coverage, the disregard of preferred pronouns and dead naming were not considered offensive and some of the audio…

Episode 32: Nick Stoutzenberger

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
November 28, 2018
Today we discuss person so disgusting he triggered my gag response. This is a first for the show. This episode skated on the edge of becoming a black label episode. There’s audio from a clip I’m going to play for you later… that made it difficult to eat dinner the evening after watching it. It’s…

Episode 31: Scott Beierle

Obscura A True Crime Podcast
November 21, 2018
The man we cover today is a putrid and hateful person. He’s a man who simultaneously complained about his loneliness but somehow, in his mind, positioned himself above those who succeeded where he failed many times over. Under this delusion, his life ultimately spiraled and the actions he would go on to take made him…