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Your Brain on Murder (Neal Falls, Sex Workers, Dismemberment & Subway Bags)

When Heather Saul opened her Charleston, WV door to greet the stranger she’d agreed to meet through an escort ad she had placed, she knew instantly she was in mortal danger.  The man said just three words – “Live or die” – then held a gun to her stomach. The man grabbed Saul by the throat and dragged her around the house, until in a rush of pure adrenaline and an effort for self-preservation, she was able to get control of his gun and shot once, killing him. In this special collaboration episode, Heather sits down with Moxie from the Your Brain on Facts podcast to discuss serial killer Neal Falls.  Heather was an escort and Falls’ next intended victim.  That is, until she killed him instead…potentially saving dozens more. Falls is believed to have killed across 8 states and traveled with his kill kit in his car.  He would dismember the bodies and dump them in rivers as well as on the side of the highway. Promos:
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