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PATREON BONUS – Split Second Series: Episode 1 (James Worley)

I am releasing this episode to the main feed to see what you guys think about the Split Second series.  This is a series that I’ve started on Patreon and I would like to continue it as I have 3 episodes ready to be edited and posted.  I am thinking about changing the Patreon tiers so that more listeners can benefit from the extra content, prize giveaways, and no ads.  Please let me know what you think of this episode!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Scott of the Frozen Truth & Status Pending Podcasts for the intro and editing!

As you may recall, I posted briefly on Instagram via the Whack-job Wednesday series about this guy a few months ago.  This case intrigued me as it was so close to home and everything changed in a split second.  I have always loved the outdoors and especially bike riding…so seeing that this is exactly how 20-year-old Sierah Joughin lost her life; my heart broke and my stomach knotted up.  Listen to this episode and let me know what you think about the twists and turns this case has.  You may be hearing another case in the near future that could potentially be linked. 

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