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Halloween 2018 (Love Squares & Nunneries)

First of all, Happy 1stBirthday to the Nature vs Narcissism Podcast!  That’s right; our baby turned 1 today!!  Help us celebrate with the first of a few fun episodes between now and HALLOWEEN!  In this FIRST episode in the new PODCAST STUDIO; Heather and Rachelle discuss two murders that occurred on Halloween.  Rachelle discusses what we like to call a Love Square and the tragic murder of Peter Fabiano.  Heather discusses the brutal rape and murder of a 76-year-old nun by the name of Sister Tadea Benz.  What’s more? Heather and Rachelle discuss how Johnny Frank Garrett was just 17 when he was arrested and charged for her murder. He sat on death row in Texas for 11 years before his execution.  But did he actually commit the murder?

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