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C (Cleveland, Ohio) Ariel Castro

In this episode, Heather is joined by Courtney from The Cult of Domesticity Podcastto discuss a local monster!  We head to Cleveland, Ohio to discuss Ariel Castro AND his survivors.  Castro was born in Puerto Rico but moved to Cleveland, Ohio with his family as a child.  He bought a house on Seymour Avenue…that he later turned into what can only be described as a “House of Horrorsâ€�.  He kidnapped three young women and held them captive in his home for over 10 years.  He beat them, starved them, wouldn’t allow them to leave the house, and even raped them on a regular basis.  One of his victims suffered at least 5 abortions at his hands while another was forced to have his baby.  Michelle Knight was 21 when he abducted her in 2002, Amanda Berry was 16 when he abducted her in 2003, and Georgina DeJesus was just 14 when he abducted her in 2004. After their escape in 2013, Castro was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 1,000 years. He committed suicide in his cell just a little over a month after he was sentenced.  All three women are alive and doing their best to help other families of missing and exploited children.

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