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B (Baltimore, Maryland) Joseph Metheny (w/Dad)

In this episode, Heather is joined by a return guest and her father; Heath Pendergrass to discuss Joseph Roy Metheny.  Metheny admitted to killing 10 people but evidence was found to indict him on just two murders; Cathy Ann Magaziner (45 years old) and Toni Lynn Ingrassia (28 years old).  Metheny was convicted on numerous other charges such as kidnapping, attempted rape, and attempted murder of two other victims.  One of his victims (Kimberly Lynn Spicer) was able to escape and notify police which lead to his arrest.  His death penalty was overturned in 2000; in turn placing him in prison on a life sentence…until his death in 2017 when he was found in his cell. Disgusting fact about him?  He claimed to have had a roadside BBQ stand where he used his victims’ bodies as meat.   Our theme music was created and customized by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams.  You can follow him on IG (@wetalkofdreams)  and Twitter (@WeTalkofDreams).  Follow us on IG: @naturevsnarcissismFollow us on Twitter: @NvsNpodcastLike us on Facebook: @naturevsnarcissismJoin our discussion group: nature vs narcissism discussion group Support us on Patreon for cool perks and goodies for $1: one time via PayPal:  Most of our sources are mentioned in the episode.  For those that are not, you can email us at naturevsnarcissism@gmail.comfor them. 

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