-  Nature vs Narcissism   -  A (Anchorage, AK) Pt2: Israel Keyes (w/Danielle from Hoosier Homicide)

A (Anchorage, AK) Pt2: Israel Keyes (w/Danielle from Hoosier Homicide)

This is part 2 of Season 2; Episode 1 where we are traveling to Anchorage, AK to discuss the 2nd serial killer.

In this episode, Heather is joined by Danielle from the Hoosier Homicide podcast  to discuss Israel Keyes.  Israel committed his murders in several states including New York, Washington, Vermont, and of course Alaska. He claimed the lives of 3 confirmed but most likely 11+ victims.  He was apprehended in March of 2012 and enjoyed toying with police.  After 40+ hours of interrogations, Keyes decided to slit his wrists and hang himself in his prison cell.  He died at the age of 34 in December of 2012. 
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