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Nature vs Narcissism is a true crime/comedy podcast based in Cincinnati, Ohio where Heather and her guests discuss true crimes and the narcissists who commit them. Sometimes we have alcohol and sometimes things get weird. In Season 1, we will go down the alphabet focusing on different murderers and/or stupid criminals based on their name. For example; Episode 1 examines two notorious murderers whose names begin with the letter A. Every episode is different and every episode is entertaining! We will delve into whether we think nature made the criminals commit these heinous acts, or if it’s simply their narcissism getting the best of them. Keep in mind, this podcast is strictly for entertainment purposes and is in no way a professional diagnosis of the subjects discussed.

Patreon Exclusive – Split Second Series

Nature vs Narcissism
August 3, 2018
Here is a teaser for the Patreon Exclusive series that Heather has started!  Take a listen!  This series is available for all tiers!It takes a more serious approach to discussing crimes...mostly in Ohio...mostly involving murder.  Many of which are crimes and criminals that most probably haven't heard of before.  There isn't dark humor either; so…

FUNsode/CREEPYsode: ASMR & What we would do for money

Nature vs Narcissism
July 19, 2018
Heather and Rachelle were recording TWO episodes for the letter Y and started feeling a bit slap-happy!  Be began discussing another True Crime podcast called "Murder and Such" hosted by Hunter & Haley when we realized that we didn't know exactly what ASMR stood for.  Rachelle started making up her own initialisms.  Additionally, we discussed…

UPDATE: The Doodler (with Megan)

Nature vs Narcissism
July 10, 2018
This is a special minisode!  In Episode 22: U (Unidentified Killers) with Megan, one of the killers covered was "The Doodler".  We released the episode on 06/20/18 and received an article on 06/21/18 from Scott Fuller from the Frozen Truth podcast...with an update about The Doodler!  This is super exciting!  With all of the DNA…

MURDERsode 14: Cannibal Cop (with Brittany)

Nature vs Narcissism
July 6, 2018
Yes, this is the same Brittany from the Twitter episode!  And yes, we DID eventually record a promised!  We discussed the Cannibal Cop who was released from jail EVEN AFTER admitting to his twisted desires to cook and eat women...including his wife.  There's a lot to this case, so we're hoping to eventually partner…