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Nature vs Narcissism is a true crime/comedy podcast based in Cincinnati, Ohio where Heather and her guests discuss true crimes and the narcissists who commit them. Sometimes we have alcohol and sometimes things get weird. In Season 1, we will go down the alphabet focusing on different murderers and/or stupid criminals based on their name. For example; Episode 1 examines two notorious murderers whose names begin with the letter A. Every episode is different and every episode is entertaining! We will delve into whether we think nature made the criminals commit these heinous acts, or if it’s simply their narcissism getting the best of them. Keep in mind, this podcast is strictly for entertainment purposes and is in no way a professional diagnosis of the subjects discussed.

Kyle Plush (Answer the Call) with Lisa

Nature vs Narcissism
October 5, 2018
In this collaboration, Heather and Lisa (from the Eye for an Eye podcast) discuss the tragic death of 16-year-old Cincinnatian, Kyle Plush.  He was reaching for a tennis racket that was located behind the seat in the back of his van when the seat collapsed, folding shut on the teen as he dialed 911 for help. …

Munchausen by Proxy: Part 2 (Gypsy & Godejohn) with Kate

Nature vs Narcissism
September 28, 2018
In Part 2 of this episode, Heather and Kate (from the Ignorance Was Bliss podcast) discuss the consequences of Gypsy’s actions. Additionally, we hear about the interview that Gypsy’s stepmother, Kristy, had regarding information not released in the documentary.  Again, I discuss this documentary and my reactions to it on the patreon feed for Status Pending…

A Dumpster Visit with Melissa and Tanya

Nature vs Narcissism
September 26, 2018
Melissa (from JustTheTipsterspodcast) & Tanya from every true crime group ever come to Cincinnati, Ohio to hang out with Heather for the weekend! Melissa currently resides in California and Tanya resides in, yeah...they're basically the most awesome people ever! Granted, Melissa was going to KY to spend time with friends and family...but that's neither…

Black Dahlia: Part 1 (w/Augie Peterson)

Nature vs Narcissism
September 14, 2018
In this special collaboration episode, Heather teams up with Augie Peterson from the Short Stories of Augie Peterson podcast!  In part 1; you will hear about the case of Elizabeth Short, aka the "Black Dahlia".  This is found on the Nature vs Narcissism feed - well, would you look at're already here!  In part…

Season 2 Updates & Shoutouts!

Nature vs Narcissism
September 11, 2018
**UPDATES about Season 2 of Nature vs Narcissism,**SHOUTOUTS to Patreon supporters,**SPLIT SECOND series,**STATUS PENDING podcast,**and more....THANK YOU, Supporters!Based on a True CrimeGetting OffStatus: PendingFrozen TruthIgnorance Was BlissLauren AllenValerie WhitakerMegan Mayerle    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit