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Nature vs Narcissism is a true crime/comedy podcast based in Cincinnati, Ohio where Heather and her guests discuss true crimes and the narcissists who commit them. Sometimes we have alcohol and sometimes things get weird. In Season 1, we will go down the alphabet focusing on different murderers and/or stupid criminals based on their name. For example; Episode 1 examines two notorious murderers whose names begin with the letter A. Every episode is different and every episode is entertaining! We will delve into whether we think nature made the criminals commit these heinous acts, or if it’s simply their narcissism getting the best of them. Keep in mind, this podcast is strictly for entertainment purposes and is in no way a professional diagnosis of the subjects discussed.

Season 2 Trailer

Nature vs Narcissism
January 28, 2019
Production of Season 2 is well underway!  Here is the trailer!  Huge shoutout and thank you to Nico of "We Talk of Dreams" for the new music!  We are in love with it!! Also, huge shoutout to everyone who helped with the audio on this!Please tag yourselves on the social media posts!!  🙂 #dontcallthecops #season2 #naturevsnarcissismLearn more…

Thanksgiving 2018 – Pissed off Families

Nature vs Narcissism
November 22, 2018
In this episode, Heather and Rachelle discuss two crime/murder stories that occurred on turkey day.  In one story, you'll hear about a sister who uses the carving fork as a weapon!  In the second story, you'll hear about a man who just didn't want his wife's family in his house.  Unfortunately, the second one ends…


Nature vs Narcissism
October 31, 2018
For anyone who truly knows Heather; knows that she is obsessed with Jack Skellington and The Nightmare Before Christmas! Therefore, the title of this episode is “THIS IS HALLOWEEN - 2018” and there is music from the movie throughout the episode...ENJOY!!I’ve added a clip from a previous episode of Nature vs Narcissism as well. The…

Podiversary: WTF was that?

Nature vs Narcissism
October 27, 2018
As most of you know, today marks the 1 year anniversary of the very first episode released by Nature vs Narcissism!  To commemorate, we've brought back some special guests: Kim, Ollie, and Rebecca!  In this special episode, we hang out in the new podcast studio telling spooky stories, describing local haunted places, and sharing personal…

Halloween 2018 (Love Squares & Nunneries)

Nature vs Narcissism
October 26, 2018
First of all, Happy 1stBirthday to the Nature vs Narcissism Podcast!  That’s right; our baby turned 1 today!!  Help us celebrate with the first of a few fun episodes between now and HALLOWEEN!  In this FIRST episode in the new PODCAST STUDIO; Heather and Rachelle discuss two murders that occurred on Halloween.  Rachelle discusses what…