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Murder and Such is a podcast hosted by Haley and Hunter. Each episode we will discuss all of the odd and horrifying things in the world, such as murder, the macabre, serial killers, and other dark subject matter.

Episode 34 – Paul Michael Stephani

Murder and Such
November 26, 2018
In episode 34 of Murder and Such, Hunter and Haley sit down once again to discuss one of the funnier sounding killers that has ever lived: Paul Michael Stephani. A rotund man with a high hairline, and even higher pitched voice, which eventually dubs him "The Weepy-Voiced Killer.". Join us while Hunter tortures Haley with…

Episode 33 – Andrew Kehoe

Murder and Such
November 12, 2018
In episode 33 of Murder and Such, Haley and Hunter sit down in the studio once again to discuss a case that exploded around the Tecumseh, Michigan area that involved a well-kempt farmer and school treasurer by the name of Andrew Kehoe. Once a graduated technician - turned mad man with a severe hatred of…

Episode 31 – William K. Sapp

Murder and Such
October 15, 2018
In episode 30 of Murder and Such, Hunter decides to keep it local with a listener requested story about a man from Springfield, Ohio by the name of William K. Sapp. A brutal madman, with only 2 things on his mind: sex and murder. Join Haley and Hunter while they use creative cursing to discuss…

Episode 28 – Luka Magnotta

Murder and Such
August 20, 2018
In episode 28 of Murder and Such, Hunter keeps good on his promise, and discusses the perpetrator behind the infamous "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick" video - the one and only Luka Rocco Magnotta. We discuss our take on why he posted these videos online, his pursuit of fame, and what made this guy tick.…

Episode 27 – Brian “The Future” McGhee

Murder and Such
August 6, 2018
In episode 27 of Murder and Such, Haley decides to jump into the wrestling ring and discuss the lengthy rise and quick fall of Brian "The Future" McGhee. A man so bound and determined for fame and success, but falls short after a brief time in the spotlight that eventually takes a grizzly turn for…

Episode 26 – The Murder of Micaela Costanzo

Murder and Such
July 24, 2018
In episode 26 of Murder and Such, Hunter decides to not do such a gore-filled episode, and dives into the small town of West Wendover, Nevada to discuss the more psychologically twisting case that involves the murder of a 16 year old girl named Micaela Costanzo. This episode will leave more questions than answers. We…