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Episode 43-Owl Parkour

In 1955, at a rural farmhouse in Kentucky, something never before witnessed took place. A large group of family and friends were taunted into an overnight shootout by strange, seemingly invincible creatures that looked metallic and appeared to float through the air. Many claimed the sightings were just a hoax, but the U. S. Air Force claimed the witnesses did have an interaction that night, but were just wrong about what they had seen. The group was actually tormented by…silver-painted monkeys that escaped from a circus! And although that would have been totally badass, it was complete malarkey.

Join Erica and Billy this week as they try to make sense of little metallic men vs. pissed off birds of prey, and take old friend “Balls Deep” Joe Nickell to task on his explanation of events! After you’ve listened, be sure to get on social media and share your thoughts and theories!

The show artwork was created by Chris Axmann. Thank you, Chris! Thanks, as always, go to MinimusNoah for the music at the end of each episode. Be sure to listen until the end for his song-Crystal City. His new album Views is now available for purchase on iTunes at It’s also available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Google Play, and many more!Help support a truly creative independent artist! You can also find him on our website,, on the music page, along with a fully playable track listing of all his songs that have been used in previous episodes. The best way to show your support is to leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcatcher or social media platform that has the option to do so, to help boost the show. It really helps us as podcasters and we would truly appreciate it! And, if you send us a screenshot of your review with your address, we will send you a free Martinis and the Macabre sticker! Another way to help support the show is to become a Patron! Visit our Patreon page at, and with even a $1 pledge you will get a shout out on the show and access to Patron exclusive audio content each month!  Please mention or tag us on Facebook or Twitter to share as well! You can like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Martinis and the Macabre and on Twitter @Martini_Macabre. Be sure to join our fan-made page on Facebook as well: Friends Who Like Martinis and the Macabre. Post, share, and interact! E-mail questions, comments, or topic suggestions to You can also reach us through the contact page on our website,  Be sure to visit our network at to check out all of the other great true crime podcasts in our family! Other music and sound effects provided by:http://www.purple-planet.com  murder, mystery, true crime, comedy, macabre, morbid, dark humor, humour, paranormal, disappearances, aliens, owls, silver-painted circus monkeys 

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