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Episode 26- Murderly Minisode Jamboree

This week we have something VERY special for all our listeners. We have joined Murderly, a new true crime podcast network and to celebrate, each of the shows on the network decided to put together a brief 10-20 minute episode and put them all together for one MASSIVE and amazing listening experience. On this episode, you will hear Leigh talk about the murder of Loren Bollinger, followed by:

All Crime No Cattle: Tammy Cooper and family
Based on a True Crime: Beulah Annan/Belva Gaertner and Chicago
Blood on the Rocks: Padre Baloeiro – The Balloon Priest
Corpus Delicti: Amy Bishop – The Crazy Professor
Fiercely Altered Perspective: Dripping Killer AKA Kate Webster
Martinis and the Macabre: Leigh Ann Sabine
Mens Rea: Ann Shortall/Roy Webster
Murder and Such: Vince Li
Mysteries and Urban Legends: The Murder in Roomo 1046
Nature vs Narcissism:  The Murder of Larry Mugragr
Killin’ It Crimecast: Alligator in Wendy’s and Murder over a Pillow
Something’s Not Right: David “Stringbean” Akeman
The Brothers Commonplace: Natasha Ryan
Trace Evidence: The Mysterious Death of Chuck Morgan
Obscura: Henry McCabe

Also be sure to check out our other network buddies: Affirmative Murder and Eye for an Eye

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