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UK based true crime podcast. Join Lux and Sam every week as they discuss lesser known cases and add a touch of comedy!

17: I Done Did Taked Him

Killin It
July 31, 2018
Oh boy, the Sux household is very poorly and our unhappiness is reflected in how dark the cases for this week are. Firstly, Lux describes their go-to case for defending the death penalty; the crimes of Peter Woodcock. Sam then goes into the equally horrific story of Cayetano Santos Godino a.k.a the macrotous runt. NEW…

Killin' It Quickly: Oink Oink, Wink Wink

Killin It
July 24, 2018
This week, Sam and Lux are all over the globe so here's a Killin' It Quickly! Sam goes through the bizarre tale of Pearl Lusk and her mystery package, while Lux covers the bewitching case of Elizabeth Sawyer. Enjoy and remember to send in your listener stories for an upcoming listener episode!NEW MERCH STORENEW FACEBOOK…

16: Rampaging Pigeon

Killin It
July 17, 2018
This week, Sam tells the tale of the murderous Scissor Sisters. Lux then discusses the case that pushed France to get a criminal DNA database: serial killer Guy Georges. Don't forget to send us your listener stories for a future episode! You can email us at or message us on social media.  NEW MERCH…

Killin' It Quickly: Cock Au Vin

Killin It
July 10, 2018
This week, we quickly cover a case of cannibalism, weird murder weapons, and unusual deaths. Don't forget to send us your creepy and crimey stories for upcoming episodes at! FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Artwork by: seanyboydraws Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

15: Feed My Oil Cows

Killin It
July 3, 2018
This week, it's Lux's Very Special Birthday Episode! Lux covers their second cult case in a row; the Chicago Rippers, and Sam launches into the twisted tale of Archibald Hall. FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Shop merch here Artwork by: seanyboydraws Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Bonus Episode: Pride Month

Killin It
June 30, 2018
Lux initially intended on creating their own LGBT+ pride month episode, but Sinead over at the Mens Rea podcast did such an excellent job with hers that we've decided (with permission) to include it in our feed. Show notes from the Mens Rea feed: In honour of Pride month, and with the Dublin Pride Parade only a…

14: Ringo, You Can Play Drums In Our Cult

Killin It
June 26, 2018
On Sam’s Special Birthday Episode, he covers the day-long murder spree of Woo Bum-Kon. Lux then tells their first ever cult case; The Carny Cult. MENTIONS:Legal doc. (source) A Paranormal Chicks (podcast) FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Shop merch here Artwork by: seanyboydraws Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

13: Should'a, Would'a, Gouda

Killin It
June 21, 2018
This week gets gory - you've been warned! Lux covers the Beast of Harkstede and Sam tells a tale straight out of a horror story; serial killer wannabe Anthony Arkwright. MENTIONS: Strangle Hold (Book) by Bas Dekkers Red Light Secrets - Museum of Prostitution Murderly True Crime Network SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Shop merch here…

Killin' It Quickly: Alligator, Use Bite!

Killin It
June 12, 2018
In this minisode, Lux tells a very Floridian tale, and Sam does an extremely dramatic reading. We also announce the SUPER EXCITING NEWS that we are now part of the brand-spanking-new Murderly network. Visit to find out more about the network and discover a bunch of fantastic true crime podcasts. Twitter @KillinItCrime Instagram @KillinItCrimecast  Shop merch here  Artwork by:…


Killin It
June 12, 2018
As a hooray for the launch of the fantastic true crime podcast network Murderly, a bunch of us have recorded minisodes and sewn them together for a big ol' group episode! Visit to find out more about the network and all the great podcasts that are a part of it. We're super excited to…