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UK based true crime podcast. Join Lux and Sam every week as they discuss lesser known cases and add a touch of comedy!


Killin It
October 30, 2018
You asked for ghost stories, you got 'em! With help from our friends over at The Bad Taste Crimecast, Ignorance Was Bliss, and Nature Vs. Narcissism, we've rounded up some twisted tales to curl your toes and excite your ear-balls. For extra Halloween history smorts, visit our patreon page at the link below. Happy Halloween,…

The Big Boys: Albert Fish

Killin It
October 23, 2018
THIS IS HALLOWEEN! THIS IS HALLOWEEN! It's almost the end of spook month and we're getting gory. Don your diamond pinky ring and bring your pail of pot cheese - it’s time to listen to the tale of ALBERT H. FISH a.k.a The Brooklyn Vampire, The Werewolf of Wysteria, The Grey Man, The Moon Maniac,…

The Big Boys: Henry Lee Lucas

Killin It
October 16, 2018
THIS IS HALLOWEEN, THIS IS HALLOWEEN! In honour of spook month, we’re covering some of the big boys. Get your dresses on and your glass eyes out because it’s HENRY LEE LUCAS a.k.a The Confession Killer, The Highway Stalker, The Deadly Drifter, or The One-Eyed Drifter. FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Merch Artwork by: The Last Podcast On…

21: Doing A Murder

Killin It
October 9, 2018
Join Lux and Meg as they discuss the circle of life on this week’s episode. When Lux’s case ’Death Row Granny’ passes away, Meg’s serial killer pick, ’The Boy Fiend’, is born. FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: PatreonPayPal Merch Artwork by: American Horror Story: Cult Orange is the New Black Aileen Wuornos more about your ad choices. Visit

20: Poseidon's Kiss

Killin It
October 2, 2018
This week, Meg and Lux each tell an (unrelated) tale of brutal bashings in the U.S.A. Listen in to hear about an axe-wielding psychopath, a mob related conspiracy theory, wrongful conviction, and men who hide in closets. FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Artwork by: American Horror Story: Cult Catfish: The TV Show All Crime No Cattle My Favorite Murder Last Podcast…

19: Kids These Days With Their Satanic Altars

Killin It
September 25, 2018
This week, Lux and Meg discuss an Italian cult, The Beasts of Satan, before delving into the case of potential vampire Béla Kiss and his life of crime and pickle enthusiasm.  FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Artwork by: American Horror Story: Cult Catfish: The TV Show Sources:‘Beasts of Satan’ on Youtube by ‘Real Investigations’ more about your ad…

18: Death Erection

Killin It
September 18, 2018
We are BACK, bitches! In this episode, your brand-spanking-new co-host, Meg, pops her podcasting cherry with a bizarre cold case; the death of Joshua Maddux. Then, Lux delves into a cold case that heated up after 15 years; Linda Watson’s disappearance. FIND US: Twitter @KillinItCrimeInstagram @KillinItCrimecast SUPPORT US: Patreon PayPal Artwork by: Forensics and Flowers Mentions: True Crime Museum in Hastings Wine and Crime…

17: I Done Did Taked Him

Killin It
July 31, 2018
Oh boy, the Sux household is very poorly and our unhappiness is reflected in how dark the cases for this week are. Firstly, Lux describes their go-to case for defending the death penalty; the crimes of Peter Woodcock. Sam then goes into the equally horrific story of Cayetano Santos Godino a.k.a the macrotous runt. NEW…

Killin' It Quickly: Oink Oink, Wink Wink

Killin It
July 24, 2018
This week, Sam and Lux are all over the globe so here's a Killin' It Quickly! Sam goes through the bizarre tale of Pearl Lusk and her mystery package, while Lux covers the bewitching case of Elizabeth Sawyer. Enjoy and remember to send in your listener stories for an upcoming listener episode!NEW MERCH STORENEW FACEBOOK…

16: Rampaging Pigeon

Killin It
July 17, 2018
This week, Sam tells the tale of the murderous Scissor Sisters. Lux then discusses the case that pushed France to get a criminal DNA database: serial killer Guy Georges. Don't forget to send us your listener stories for a future episode! You can email us at or message us on social media.  NEW MERCH…