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gone cold podcast – texas true crime explores unsolved homicides and missing persons cases throughout the state of Texas, providing the victims and their families with a voice.

Suzie Mages, Episode 5: Suzie’s Legacy

Gone Cold
October 22, 2018
When someone’s life is taken, what is left behind is trauma, anguish, confusion, and just about any other type of emotion one can imagine that feeds the cyclical state of grief which, no matter how universally accepted one definition is, is dealt with in a multitude of way whether negative or positive. While it often…

Suzie Mages, Episode 4: Lisa

Gone Cold
October 15, 2018
Though we had originally intended to close Suzie's case with the story of her legacy this episode, fate had other plans in mind. We were contacted by an individual, a close friend of Suzie's, and what she had to say was something we felt needed to be shared before we closed the Suzie Mages story.…

Suzie Mages, Episode 3: The Investigation Part 2

Gone Cold
October 8, 2018
Two individuals particularly stuck out to police and Del and Mary in Suzie’s disappearance and murder. One became a person of interest early on and the other, much to Mary and Del’s dismay, seemed to have not been taken incredibly seriously by law enforcement. A well-known drifter also enters the case several years after. This…

Suzie Mages, Episode 2: The Investigation

Gone Cold
October 1, 2018
There are many strange circumstances surrounding Suzie Mages’ disappearance and murder. From a similar unsolved homicide to a homicide that seemed to use that unsolved case and  Suzie’s as an attempt to throw off police, Dallas and Denton Police were chasing leads and connections that seemed to be smoke screens. The Mages family, of course,…

Suzie Mages, Episode 1: Denton’s Lost Innocence

Gone Cold
September 24, 2018
In 1977, a crime took place in Denton, Texas that shook the community to its core; though you’d hardly call Denton “uneventful,” it was a place where residents and college students felt safe and free. Suzanne Marie Mages was a twelve-year-old girl who was adored by all who met her and due to the proximity…

Alexandria “Ali” Joy Lowitzer, Episode 2

Gone Cold
September 12, 2018
Ali Lowitzer stepped off her school bus yards from her home in 2010 never to be seen again. Theories as to what happened to her range from homicide to sex trafficking, the latter seemingly a distinct possibility considering the proximity of where she vanished from to Houston. Houston is one of the country’s largest sex…

Alexandria “Ali” Joy Lowitzer, Episode 1

Gone Cold
September 10, 2018
No matter how watchful an eye we keep on our children, it is difficult to completely shield them from the bad in the world; this is especially true when a malevolent individual, or individuals, target them for harm. Even in quiet, seemingly safe suburban areas, we take this for granted. Everyone does because we feel…

The February Slayings, Episode 3: June Ward

Gone Cold
August 27, 2018
June Ward was the final victim of “The February Slayings.” Her homicide was, perhaps, the most brutal of the four young women and was certainly the least publicized. It’s difficult to imagine why; June was adored by all who knew her and she touched many lives with her kindness and charisma, as you’ll hear in…

The February Slayings, Episode 2: Becky Martin

Gone Cold
August 20, 2018
The second victim of “The February Slayings” came several years after Mildred May’s 1967 murder. Becky Martin disappeared one February night in 1973; her remains were found over a month later on the outskirts of Fort Worth. This is Becky’s story. You can support gone cold podcast – texas true crime by visiting https// There…

The February Slayings, Episode 1: Mildred May

Gone Cold
August 13, 2018
After the abduction and murder of Carla Walker in February of 1974, the police loosely theorized a possible connection to two prior unsolved homicides. These murders shared some similarities with Carla’s, one of which is the month that the crimes took place. The press seemed to be more enamored with the idea of a connection…