-  Eye for an Eye   -  Shark Week- Minisode 14- WTH3

Shark Week- Minisode 14- WTH3

Ever read about a crime and think to yourself, “What the hell happened here?” Well…Lisa and Matt do…at least once a day.While an Eye for an Eye covers the more serious cases, we wanted to bring you a new mini series, the grand baby– if you will, of the most absurd, funny, confusing cases we could grasp our crime obsessed phalanges on.

We promise by the end of every minisode of WTH3, you too, will wonder “What the hell happened here?”

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Music: Using Garagebands sample music (80s synth, Big Maracas, 80’s back beat)and Lisa’s horrible semi sing songy rap voice reciting original rhymes by John Nathan Jones .
Cover Art Created by: Rachel Gregorino,

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