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Get Out – MINI SERIES EPI 7- Streamin n' Screamin

If you are a horror/thriller movie buff like us, you probably already know that there are more “misses” than “hits” out there when it comes to our beloved genre. You probably spend more time looking for a half decent horror flick than you do actually watching them.

Well horror movie junkies, get ready to FEAR A LITTLE MORE (see what I did there? Fear no more? But we wanna fear a little more? ok bye) because Eye for an Eye Podcast is now bringing you a bi-weekly movie review mini-series STREAMIN n’ SCREAMIN. Join Lisa and Kara asthey go over everything from the behind the scenes fun facts, plot points, if its a movie you could Netflix and Chill, if it was full of gore, if there were any wild plot twists, if they would recommend snagging a ticket to see it in theaters, where you can stream, and much much more.

Lisa and Kara will stream, so you……can scream.

This weeks episode? Get ready to go into the sunken place with us as we go over all things Get Out. How did this horror movie receive an unheard-for-the-genre 99% on Rotten Tomatoes? 

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