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Elisa Lam- A Blind Eye

As Lisa and Matt prep for season two, we wanted to bring you guys a taste of our bonus series exclusive to our Patrons. 

Eye for an Eye is all about whether or not the punishment fits the crime. However, there are many cases that leave us just as baffled and have theories we could spend hours discussing that are still unsolved or the person is no longer around to hold accountable for the classic “Eye for an Eye” conversation.

This brings us to A Blind Eye. We will discuss all things unsolved, mysterious, confusing cases, conspiracies, alien encounters, all things paranormal,and any other case that doesn’t fit the classic E4E mold. 

Our first case? None other than the case of Elisa Lam. 

Join Matt and I as we go over the spine chilling case of Elisa, give a play by play of the infamous elevator footage, and go over one by one the conspiracy theories surrounding this case. Was Elisa Lam murdered? Was she possessed? Was she part of a government test? Was she playing the sinister elevator game? Or was she made up all together? 

As always, let us know what you guys think! 

*Please note all opinions in the show are solely in regards to the specific case we are discussing in this episode*

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