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True crime, legends, folklore, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.

045 – The Disappearance of Mekayla Bali

Dark Poutine
October 21, 2018
Episode 045: On April 12, 2016 after skipping school, which was allegedly uncharacteristic, 16-year-old Mekayla Bali disappeared from Yorkton, Saskatchewan. She has not been seen, definitively, since. "Mekayla is described as a Caucasian female, approximately 5'2" tall and weighs approximately 114 lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is known to change her appearance:…

044 – Murder in the Soo: The Slaying of Wesley Hallam

Dark Poutine
October 14, 2018
Episode 044 - On January 11, 2011 people walking along the road spotted a headless, bare torso floating in Cold Water Creek off Landslide Road in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The man was later identified as 29-year-old Wesley Hallam. Three local men, well knonw to police, were quickly apprehended and charged with first degree murder…

043 – The Mysterious Death of Cindy James

Dark Poutine
October 7, 2018
Episode 043 - After over 6 years of apparent harassment and a number of, what appeared to be violent assaults, Cindy James, a 44-year old nurse, went missing in May of 1989. On June 8, 1989, two weeks later, Cindy's family's greatest fears were realized. She was found dead near an abandoned home in Richmond B.C.,…

042 – Houdini: Magical Life and Mysterious Death

Dark Poutine
September 29, 2018
Episode 042 - The man the world came to know as Harry Houdini, stunt performer, illusionist, magician was obsessed with magic and illusion from an early age. That obsession and drive to be better led him to become the most famous person ever to have practiced the magical arts. There was a darker thing driving…

039 – The Crash of SwissAir 111

Dark Poutine
September 8, 2018
Episode 039 - On September 2, 1998 one of the worst air disasters in Canada's history took place when SwissAir flight 111 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean just off Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. Although local fisherman and authorities responded quickly, it was already too late. All 229 souls were lost during the tremendous impact.…

038 – The Murder of Harley Lawrence

Dark Poutine
August 31, 2018
Episode 038 -  The small town of Berwick in the beautiful Annapolis Valley is known as Nova Scotia's Apple Capital. The town prides themselves on their sense of community, a strong work ethic yet laid back pace. The idilic little town was shaken when they woke up on the morning of October, 23, 2013 to…

037 – The Murders of Marie and Lyle McCann

Dark Poutine
July 27, 2018
Episode 037: In early July, 2010, Lyle and Marie McCann, retirees, beloved grandparents and great-parents packed up their RV and SUV in St. Albert, Alberta to head west to BC and visit more family. They were never seen again. After the McCann's were declared deceased a year later, 38-year-old, Travis Edward Vader was charged with…