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True crime, legends, folklore, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.

037 – The Murders of Marie and Lyle McCann

Dark Poutine
July 27, 2018
Episode 037: In early July, 2010, Lyle and Marie McCann, retirees, beloved grandparents and great-parents packed up their RV and SUV in St. Albert, Alberta to head west to BC and visit more family. They were never seen again. After the McCann's were declared deceased a year later, 38-year-old, Travis Edward Vader was charged with…

036 – The Tragic Death of Elisa Lam

Dark Poutine
July 20, 2018
Episode 036: Elisa Lam, a University student from Vancouver, BC was on a solo trip in California in January of 2013. When she disappeared, foul play was suspected. However, when she was found deceased more than two weeks later under odd circumstances there were far more questions than answers and much speculation as to what…

032 – The Death of Dorothy Stratten

Dark Poutine
June 22, 2018
Episode 032: On August 14 1980, 20-year-old Vancouver B.C. born Playboy Playmate of the year and former Dairy Queen employee, Dorothy Stratten, was found dead of a single shotgun blast to her head. The perpetrator, her estranged husband, Paul Leslie Snider, lay dead nearby of a self inflicted wound by way of the same firearm.…

031 – The Abduction of Abby Drover

Dark Poutine
June 15, 2018
Episode 031: On March 10, 1976, 12-year-old Abby Drover went missing from her neighbourhood in Port Moody, B.C. Abby's mother was sick with worry and despite the extraordinary efforts of searchers and police Abby had vanished into thin air. In a bizarre turn of events, six months later what happened to Abby was shockingly revealed.…

030 – The Wells Gray Murders

Dark Poutine
June 9, 2018
Episode 030: In August of 1982, Bob Johnson had not come back to work at the saw mill in Kelowna for over a week after his expected return. Bob had been camping in beautiful Wells Gray Park with his wife Jackie, daughters Janet and Karen and Jackie's mom and dad, Edith and George Benntley. It seemed both fmailies,…

029 – The Disappearance of Nicole Morin

Dark Poutine
June 2, 2018
Episode 029: On July 30 of 1985, Nicole Morin, a vivacious 8-year-old girl vanished from her Etobicoke apartment building without a trace. This case is still unsolved. We talk about this unsolved case and a few others from the Toronto area around the same time that may or may not be connected. #FindNicole #NicoleMorin If you…