-  Blood on the Rocks   -  Special::First World War Centenary Megasode

Special::First World War Centenary Megasode

A special episode to mark the 100 Year Anniversary of Armistice Day 11/11/1918.

With a short World War One related episode from each of 13 podcasts involved.

Podcasts taking part in this collaboration in order of appearance are:
Cutting Class – German Corpse Factory 
Your Brain on Facts – Interesting and Improvised Weapons 
Strange Animals – Animals in WW1 
All Bad Things – North Carolina’s Role in WW1 
Based on a true Story – Matahari 
Ignorance Was Bliss -PTSD 
Human  Circus – Hugh Gibson’s Road Trip 
Soulstory – Veteran Cosmetic Masks 
Folklore on the Rocks – U28 Creature 
Stories of Yore and Yours – The  Waste Lands, poem by T.S. Elliot 
Uncanny Japan – Senninbari
Bunny Trails – Phrases Related to WW1 
Blood on the Rocks – Choctaw Code Talkers 

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Intro/Outro music by Akshay Tailor
Intermission Music by Nox Arcana (

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