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Do you enjoy tales of serial killers, insane crimes, and occasional conspiracies? Then join Janelle and Vicky every other week to talk about all of this and more! As long as it’s in Bad Taste… Hosts: Vicky Walters and Janelle O’Malley Sound and Editing: Tiff Weech Theme Music: Jason Zakrzewski

Episode 55 – It's Art

The Bad Taste Crimecast
April 7, 2019
We here at BTC have long been baffled by criminals documenting their crimes. Keeping journals or diaries, drivers licenses, clothing; it will all eventually point back to the true criminal. On this episode, the ladies take a look at two such cases where the facts are in the documentation. You can listen to the Vocal…

Episode 54 – Pacifier in the Playpen

The Bad Taste Crimecast
March 24, 2019
While parents around the world do all they can to protect their children, there has always been a group of people seeking to disrupt that precious balance. And with advancements in the internet age, the evolution of how these groups function have changed quite dramatically. On this episode of The BTC, Janelle and Vicky examine…

Episode 50 – Oh Texas….

The Bad Taste Crimecast
January 27, 2019
Welcome to this, our very special 50th episode!! This week, we are joined by Shea from All Crime No Cattle, Lux from Killin' It: The Crimecast, and Georgie from Nothing Rhymes With Murder for an in depth discussion about everything execution. We talk methods, societal impacts, and a few movie reviews. Strap in because this…

Episode 49 – Medically Tiny Dicks

The Bad Taste Crimecast
January 13, 2019
One of the biggest hurdles in the wrongful conviction world is tactics used by police to gain confessions. This week, Janelle and Vicky want to highlight coerced confessions and discuss some of the glaring problems with these methods. For 15% your order click HERE or visit and enter promo code CRIMECAST15You can check out…

Episode 48 – Loose Lips All around

The Bad Taste Crimecast
December 30, 2018
If there is one thing we've learned from 2018, it's that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, it's much, MUCH worse. Join us this week for two tales that will make you wonder if you can ever truly know the extent of a persons crimes. You can check out Sudio's amazing selection of…

Episode 46 – She Had Been Died

The Bad Taste Crimecast
December 2, 2018
It's cold outside so we are keeping it cool in here! Keeping with our winter theme, this week we talk frozen bodies. From here in the US to across the pond, we'll warm you up with these tales of murder and mystery. You can check out the Murder Road Trip podcast HERE!Tuscaloosa News - "Children…