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Do you enjoy tales of serial killers, insane crimes, and occasional conspiracies? Then join Janelle and Vicky every other week to talk about all of this and more! As long as it’s in Bad Taste… Hosts: Vicky Walters and Janelle O’Malley Sound and Editing: Tiff Weech Theme Music: Jason Zakrzewski

Episode 42 – The Redeux

The Bad Taste Crimecast
October 7, 2018
Hello BTC Listeners! We are back this week with the episode that almost wasn't. Today we provide you a slight pallet cleanser of white collar crime before jumping into a very gruesome episode in a couple weeks. Enjoy!You can check out The Film Roast Podcast HERE!Barbara Walters interview with Leona HelmsleyAdweek - "Veteran Ad Woman…

Episode 40 – Ya Nasty

The Bad Taste Crimecast
September 9, 2018
Hey there Listener! Most weeks we cover some of the most wild crimes in the world. But we are switching it up this time, and discussing one of the most controversial underground industries, Murderabilia. From John Wayne Gacy's prison uniform to Charles Mansons ashes, we look at it all. Join Janelle and Vicky this week…

Episode 38 – That's Super Juicy!

The Bad Taste Crimecast
August 12, 2018
There's been alot of buzz recently around the new DNA genealogy techniques being used to close decades old cold cases. Janelle and Vicky cover two of these such cases, and the implications this kind of testing might have on the criminal justice system. You can check out the Vocal Fries podcast HERE!People article on the…

Episode 37 – Good 'Ole CCTV

The Bad Taste Crimecast
July 29, 2018
All too often, the victims of unthinkable crime and violence are the youngest among us. And even more shockingly, these mere  children act as the offender. This week, Vicky and Janelle discuss two cases that cover these adolescent offenders and victims. This one is not for the lighthearted. You can check out DAMN, Girl HERE!CNN…

Episode 35 -Eat, Pray, Kill.

The Bad Taste Crimecast
July 2, 2018
Travel with the BTC  this week as we hop to pond for our UK killers.  Janelle and Vicky will discuss two killer that will make you think twice about jolly ole' England. You can check out The Cutaways Podcast HERE!Mirror article on Colin IrelandColin Ireland DocumentaryMurderpedia entry on Mary PearcyCapital Punishment UK's entry on Mary…

Episode 34 – Jerry! Get the Gunpoint!

The Bad Taste Crimecast
June 17, 2018
Not long ago, before victim impact statements were the norm and DA's actually worked with victims (sort of), victims and their families had almost no role in the criminal justice system. Today, the BTC is looking at two cases that changed the way victims are included in the process. Join as we ponder whether these…