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A conversational true crime podcast hosted by Texas natives Erin and Shea. New episodes drop weekly. Crime is bigger in Texas, ya’ll.

Ep 35: Ministry and Murder

All Crime No Cattle
October 20, 2018
This week Erin has an enthralling story from Houston in 2010. This case involves a church, arson, alleged child abuse, and a bizarre love triangle all culminating in a murder-for-hire plot. Get ready for a wild ride that ends with some intense courtroom drama. Our new show art was created by Joel Micah Harris and…

Ep 34: The Newton Gang

All Crime No Cattle
October 8, 2018
Real life has been harsh recently, so this week we have a fun crime story to share. Come meet the notorious Newton Boys, the rootin' tootin' group of robbers who organized one of the biggest train heists in history. Yeehaw! Visit our new Patreon page to support the show and earn some awesome rewards:…

Ep 33: The Laredo Serial Murders

All Crime No Cattle
September 30, 2018
In our first episode covering a current event, Erin discusses the September 2018 serial murders in Laredo. Shea lifts our spirits by introducing us to a great nonprofit organization that helps Texas Veterans.Go donate to our new fundraiser for Typhenie Johnson and get entered to win some more prizes: our new Patreon page to…

Ep 31: Seeking Refuge

All Crime No Cattle
September 11, 2018
Iraqi refugee Ahmed Al-Jumaili is murdered days after arriving in his new home in Dallas. Was his murder a random act of violence or a hate crime? Erin and Shea discuss how true crime is viewed through a lens of current events in this devastating story from 2015.Go donate to our new fundraiser for Typhenie…

Ep 30: Murder at La Kiva

All Crime No Cattle
August 25, 2018
Get ready to find yourself out in the middle of No Man's Land this week as we travel to Terlingua, Texas. Known for its beautiful desert, this tiny town gets torn apart by the murder of one the town's iconic residents. Join us for a deep examination from the crime scene to the court room.…

Ep 29: A Media Circus in La Joya

All Crime No Cattle
August 18, 2018
We're going down to far south Texas this week as Erin presents a case from La Joya. When a little boy suddenly dies, a firestorm of media attention is directed at this tiny town and the little boy's aunt. How does the justice system strain under the suspect's unique circumstances, and how does the media…

Ep 28: The Murder of Geraldine Davidson

All Crime No Cattle
August 5, 2018
Shea takes us to the Piney Woods region of East Texas to tell the tragic story of 84 year old Geraldine Davidson. This case is horrific but has important legal implications for the state of Texas. Erin's Good News highlights a non-profit called Green Zone Housing that offers housing to veterans. Chris Hansen interview with…

Ep 27: The Elusive Bank Robber Cowboy Bob

All Crime No Cattle
July 29, 2018
This week Erin presents the bizarre and fascinating case of Cowboy Bob, who robbed banks all around the Dallas area starting in 1991. In Good News, Shea discusses an organization that puts together amazing activities for children who are fighting cancer. Stay tuned in the aftershow for Shea's new nickname and his groundbreaking ideas for…