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A conversational true crime podcast hosted by Texas natives Erin and Shea. New episodes drop weekly. Crime is bigger in Texas, ya’ll.

Ep 28: The Murder of Geraldine Davidson

All Crime No Cattle
August 5, 2018
Shea takes us to the Piney Woods region of East Texas to tell the tragic story of 84 year old Geraldine Davidson. This case is horrific but has important legal implications for the state of Texas. Erin's Good News highlights a non-profit called Green Zone Housing that offers housing to veterans. Chris Hansen interview with…

Ep 27: The Elusive Bank Robber Cowboy Bob

All Crime No Cattle
July 29, 2018
This week Erin presents the bizarre and fascinating case of Cowboy Bob, who robbed banks all around the Dallas area starting in 1991. In Good News, Shea discusses an organization that puts together amazing activities for children who are fighting cancer. Stay tuned in the aftershow for Shea's new nickname and his groundbreaking ideas for…

Ep 24: Cowboy from Hell

All Crime No Cattle
July 1, 2018
This week Shea describes the life and early death of Dimebag Darrell Abbott and three others in a tragic 2004 concert shooting. This episode is dear to our hearts and became a tribute to both Dimebag and his brother Vinnie Paul Abbott due to Vinnie's recent passing. So pour yourself a Blacktooth Grin, take a…

Ep 23: Suicide Attack on the IRS

All Crime No Cattle
June 23, 2018
Join us as we discuss what led a man to deliberately crash his personal airplane into an Austin IRS building in February of 2010. Was this the action of a domestic terrorist or a hero bent on sparking a revolution against tyranny? And in Good News this week, Shea tells us about a new campaign… Mashup!

All Crime No Cattle
June 14, 2018
In this special episode, Erin describes the quadruple homicide of the Cooper-Allen family of Lubbock in 2004. This case is still unsolved. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Crime Tip Line at (806) 741-1000. You may remain anonymous and you may be eligible for a cash reward.Afterwards, hold onto your…

Ep 22: The Abduction and Murder of Lisa Rene

All Crime No Cattle
June 9, 2018
This week we bring you the horrifying case of Lisa Rene. We also talk to a local true crime blog author who covered this case over at Erin talks about the city of Fort Worth's new approach to the homeless crisis. Always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all!New merch shop: allcrimenocattle.threadless.comTwitter: Instagram:…

Ep 21: The Mary Morris Murders

All Crime No Cattle
June 1, 2018
Two women with the same name were murdered three days apart in Houston, Texas. Are these murders connected or are the links merely coincidence? Join us as Erin presents this bizarre case from the year 2000. Later, Shea brings us a story about some technology that is being developed right here in the Lone Star…

Ep 20: The Broomstick Killer, Part II

All Crime No Cattle
May 19, 2018
The long wait is over: the grand finale of Shea's coverage of the serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff has arrived. Learn the further atrocities the recently-paroled monster committed before finally being brought to justice. Shea also details how McDuff is a viable suspect in Austin's unsolved yogurt shop murders. Finally, in this week's Good News…