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Join Kate and Georgie on a global journey of MURDER. Every week a new country and true crime gem as well as fun hotspots to visit. Remember kids, life is a journey, don’t let murder stop you! ✈??

Ep. 44 – CHRISTMAS: The Murder Of Sameena Imam & The Los Feliz Murder Mansion

Nothing Rhymes with Murder
December 25, 2018
MERRY CHRISTMAS PATURDERS!In a true holiday miracle- here is a new episode for your earholes.Kate walks us through the senseless murder of Sameena Imam on Christmas Eve 2014 while Georgie delves in to the true crime case and spooky sightings around the Los Feliz Murder Mansion.Join us this Christmas for sibling support gone too far…

Episode 43 – The Annual Better-Late-Than-Never Halloween Episode!

Nothing Rhymes with Murder
November 7, 2018
HAPPY (massively belated) HALLOWEEN PATURDERS!One day, we will get our shit together and get this to you by Halloween... but that day is NOT this day! We hope you enjoy this mish-mash of spoooooooooky stories from around the globe from Kate (complete with sassy commentary from Georgie) and some creeeeeeepy tales of woe from some of…

Ep. 40 – The Czech Republic: The Kurim Case & the case of Olga Hepnarová

Nothing Rhymes with Murder
August 27, 2018
Ahoj!This week we’re off to CZECH REPUBLIC!Kate kicks us off with the harrowing tale of the Kurim Case TRIGGER WARNING: contains child abuse. Georgie then takes us off to Prague with the crazy case of Olga Hepnarova. Join us this week for mass murder, unbelievable truths and incredible survivors. Recommended listening this week is the fabulous Your Angry…

Ep. 39 – The Netherlands: The Kidnap of Freddy Heineken & The Case of Lucia De Berk

Nothing Rhymes with Murder
August 5, 2018
Hallo!This week we’re off to THE NETHERLANDS!As per our announcement, you lover prosecco pals will be getting add free versions of each episode early!Kate kicks us off with the unbelievable kidnapping of Freddy Heineken while Georgie delves into the many layered craziness of the case of Lucia de BerkJoin us this week for buried treasure,…

Ep. 37 – South Korea: The Murder of Yoon & The Molar Daddy

Nothing Rhymes with Murder
June 11, 2018
안녕!This week we’re off to SOUTH KOREA!Kate kicks us off with the horrific ‘Murder of Yoon’ while Georgie delves into (wait for it) the case of ‘The Molar Daddy.’ Yep.Join us this week for torturous tribes, deceptive dads and monumental douche-baggery…Recommended listening is the wonderful That's Weird Podcast- shower them with love!안녕히 계세요!